A guide to some basic styles


  1. Trendy 

Trends are new styles in clothing. Someone who is a trendsetter will make it a point to stay updated on all new styles and designs. She’s probably the girl who’s going to put up a yard sale every year so she can revamp her closet.

It’s probably the most versatile style covering a large number of brands like H&M and Kenzo Montreal.

  1. Casual 

Casual doesn’t mean shabby. It simply means that you don’t go the extra mile when it comes to dressing. They usually like to keep it plain and simple. Nothing too dressy or bold but simple and elegant with a dash of sophistication. A girl who prefers casual could simply wear a short crop top with palazzo pants. 

  1. Exotic 

As the name would have it, exotic is anything but simple! It’s bold, bright, vibrant with intricate embroidery, luxurious fabric, exotic prints and statement jewellery that sticks out like a sore thumb.

  1. Vibrant 

Vibrant is colourful and pulsating with oomph. They could be very bright shades or jarring designs with out of the ordinary embroidery. You’re basically screaming for attention in this kind of style. No matter what they work with, the idea is to garner as much notice as possible.

  1. Sexy 

As the name suggests, it is sexually tantalizing. It mostly just appeals to the opposite sex and tends to focus more on skin and body parts as opposed to actual clothing. There are certain kind of clothes that accentuate a body part like low neckline dresses, miniskirts and hot pants. 

  1. Preppy 

Preppy is kind of in-between luxurious and geeky. Preppy has more to do with personal style. For instance, preppy girls are usually associated with girls in buns. They may sometimes wear glasses and meticulously match their clothes and accessories.

  1. Elegant 

This is by far the most loved style. It’s what you see celebrities wearing when they walk the red carpet. They are glamorous, dazzling, refined and incredibly fashionable. Elegance also applies to jewellery which is mostly diamonds and semi-precious stones. It could also be a fancy rhinestone studded clutch or a designer watch. 


  1. Cowgirl

It’s not hard to spot this style, is it? Cowgirls have quite a distinguishing outdoor feature. There are some hard-to not notice characteristics about this style. They are denim jeans or shirt, leather belt, cowgirl boots and leather jackets.  




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