Guide to buy the right pair of shoes for your Baby Girl

   Watching your baby girl take her first steps is the most beautiful experience that you will cherish forever. And after that soon, the most exciting parenting phase will start ‘Shopping for your Toddlers’. Many men find shopping as a boring activity but buying clothes and shoes for their baby seems to be very adorable. But while choosing the right pair, all these small pairs of shoes might seem to be confusing, but we are here to help.

What is the secret to buying the right pair of shoes for girls? We have mentioned some important points to keep in mind.

Ensure the quality of shoes- Shoes for girls should be porous and flexible. Rubber or plastic shoes may cause excessive sweating and might cause a skin rash. As plastic soles are hard compared to other soles, your kid will not be comfortable wearing them. It is important that your kid always wears good quality footwear as this is the age where their feet develop properly.

Keep the dimensions of the shoes in mind- When you buy shoes for girls, make sure that the aspects of the shoes should be the size of your baby’s feet, square or oval shoes would be suitable for your child. Do not go for pointed tips as they might end up hurting themselves while walking around.

Keep style in mind- High top shoes and soft leather ankle boots should be better than low-cut models for children aged 9 to 18 months. Go for footwear choices that can be easily paired with every outfit. Looking at the vast variety of cute little shoes, you might get confused about which pair you should choose and which colour you should go for. The simple thing is that you can go for funky colours of shoes, but they should go very well with most of the outfits.

Check the size every few months- As kids grow very quickly the shoes that fit properly now might not fit well later. The toddlers quickly dislodge their shoes whenever they find them uncomfortable. As they grow quickly after just three to four months, a new pair can become very small. Do the thumbs test every few months to ensure proper fitting of the shoe.

Small shoes for girls can be cute, but many people come to the conclusion that they do not serve any purpose when your child is not able to walk yet. While it is important that her delicate legs are covered properly when you step out, to protect them from stepping upon something and getting hurt. Most experts agree that a child does not need shoes until he or she takes their first step, which is usually 8 to 18 months. Your baby does not need to wear indoor shoes until she starts walking. You can put it in cradle shoes or crawling shoes — lightweight, flexible booty-style shoes — both to keep her toes, but those shoes don’t provide any protection.

Post Author: Clare Louise