The Apple Body Shape: Guidelines for Dressing

Every individual has their body sizes. And regardless of the weight, the clothes that would flatter them often still depend on the shape of their bodies. Understanding and knowing the body shapes are the very first steps to learning how to properly dress to highlight the good features of the body and minimize the attention to the less than perfect parts.

However, with the trend that changes so fast, adapting to the body shapes of the people is not a very easy task. As such, people who have shoulders that are broader than their hips and do not have a well-defined waistline should check on the trends regarding the apple body fashion. Yishion Online Shopping has all the trends and clothes for people who have an apple-shaped body. Among the other body types, a person having an apple body is generally well-proportioned and is more likely to look best when he or she would play with his or her amazing legs, arms, and full bust; here are some tips and guidelines on how to dress properly to show these great features.

The comfy top

What’s great about people who have apple body shapes is that they look amazing with the classic comfy tops including v-neck clothes, relaxed boyfriend button-ups, flowy tunics, and breezy A-line silhouettes. For the structure, people should choose a substantial fabric that would streamline their looks from their burst through their hips. Fabrics like thicker cotton, gabardine, tweed, linen, and raw silk will do the trick.

Moreover, these individuals can also freely wear sleeveless or strapless clothes or some fitted sleeves to balance their midsections and have a fuller bust. A scoop-neck or a v-neck would be great for people on the curvy side to elongate their necks and using a dark shade like navy or black would make their neckline look higher.

The dresses

Fortunately, people with the said body shape would look great with strapless styles of dresses. A wrap dress could be a great secret weapon, as long as a cami would be worn underneath to avoid wardrobe malfunctions, and the maxi styles would be super flattering with a low neckline. These people could also wear mini dresses to flaunt their great legs although sheath styles and knee-length shifts would also look fantastic. When in doubt, they could have A-line styles especially if they have a curvy body shape and dresses with darker colors and diagonal stripes to make them look slimmer.


The long jeans and pants

Leggings and skinny jeans look great for people with apple shape especially if they will pair it with a generous button-down, oversize sweater, or a breezy tunic. To elongate the silhouette, they could also wear flares with heels.

For people who have long legs, they could wear flared pants partnered with flats or wear a bootcut. Take note that the hem should either be down to the floor or come to the very top of the heel. Also, if the top is breezy, then the person should partner it with skinnier or more structured pants to balance the look. A classic trouser fit, ankle, or crop could be pretty much pulled off by these individuals.

The added layers

It is true that for any type of body shape, a jacket hem will always make a difference. People with apple shape body types look great in any jacket, vest, or coat that hits down at the upper thigh or hip. It would also be super flattering if the person would use straight or A-line coats with trench styles that are just within the length of the knee without the use of a waist belt. Also, a poncho would be easily be pulled off by these individuals.

The bling-bling

People with apple shape bodies are in luck because oversize earring, statement rings, necklaces, and love bracelets would make them look astonishing. However, since dressing in accordance to any shape is all about balancing the proportions, people should make sure to keep it delicate and light or draw attention to the great features of the body.


As previously mentioned, people who have apple body shape should be more confident in showing their great assets such as their bust, arms, and legs and should take updates in line with the apple body fashion. For those individuals who are looking for great recommendations on what to properly wear according to their respective body types, then they should visit Yishion Online Shopping. Here, they can check out clothes they’re comfortable to wear, know their right body type, have further ideas with their shape, and at the same time, know the latest fashion trends.

Post Author: Clare Louise