The Role of Educational Institution, Its Purpose and Functions in Life


Almost all sociologists have agreed upon the fact that education has a tremendous effect on the lives of people particularly in utilizing opportunities and achieving the goal. It is a matter fact that there are numerous debates on different aspects of education like differentiation of curriculum, choice of school, expenditure, the shape of school assignments, affordability etc. Some of the core issues in education like the issues of equity, education policies on equality, school policies on students from different social background etc. have moved to the forefront of the educational system in the last five decades. Get into St-Laurent Académie for best education and education policies.

It is beyond debate that education promotes economic growth, social mobility and achievement in the society. The evidence of this is visible through the successful relationship between occupational status or earnings and education in the countries where all the social groups have been provided with equal educational opportunities particularly in the fields of technical skills and knowledge. Many intellectuals debate that achievement of educational supremacy is based on family status and background. Eventually, these intellectuals see education not through the perspective of promoting equity and social equality but on the basis of promoting social inequalities. Ultimately, this conflict of interests is supported by the dominating groups of the society who see education as an opportunity to maintain the status-quo as well as eternally keep the lower sections as obedient and humble workers.

In the process of the above conflict, everybody agrees that sorting is necessary for education. But on the other hand, there is a serious disagreement on how the sorting is enacted. The promoters of inequality argue that the sorting should be carried out on the basis of merit, whereas the supporters of equity and equality stress that the sorting should be based on social background. This conflict and debate on education have been going on for a long time and many intellectuals like Carl Marx and Emile Durkheim have proposed their strong and unbeatable thoughts in support of their theories.  

The functionalists who believe in promoting social inequalities claim that everyone is getting the benefit of education directly or indirectly. But the Marxists believe that the existing educational policies produce inequality and division in society. In order to legitimize this concept, the Marxists say the present education system gives education to the middle-class people but gives training to the lower class segments of the society.

Post Author: Donald Perry