Engagement ring shopping tips you should know 

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Purchasing an engagement ring can be ultimate romantic act, but can be a stressful experience as well. There are many practical considerations to keep in mind, to say the least. There is clarity of diamond, weight of diamond, carat of gold, cut quality, color and shape to consider. Moreover, few factors such as diamond shape, fluorescence, and sizing can make you feel so overwhelmed. Gearing up for the proposal and buying a ring is quite exciting. Whether you are buying all alone or scouting out rings together, an engagement ring is usually a great expense, not just in terms of the price, but the amount of time you invest in. Ensure to find the perfect, right ring for your significant other. 

Know your budget 

Since you are spending your two or three month’s salary on a ring, you should consider your approximate budget before going to a store or buying online. Cost plays an important role in deciding which ring to opt for. Determining on a budget let you to fully explore many options when it comes to design or gem characteristics. Though there is no clear cut rule that how much you should spend on a ring, knowing the budget beforehand can give you a quality pieces, not long outdated rings. No matter your price range, you can find something special. 

Ring style 

Remember that you’re choosing a ring for her hand that she is going to wear for rest of her life. Hence, you need to think about how it would look or fit in her fingers. You need to know her personal style, what type of clothing she prefers on regular days to opt for a ring that’s classic, modern or combination of glamorous and trendy. Now, it’s time to narrow down the shape of the ring, for example round cuts or square cut, etc. 

Consider the metal 

There are wide varieties of metals to opt from; the popular choice is platinum, as it’s pure and most durable. There is also gold metal that comes in a range of colors from green, rose, yellow, and white. Beyond gold and platinum, you can also consider recycled metal band (mixture of gold and platinum) or palladium. If she prefers silver or plain metal, you can opt for platinum or white gold, and if she wears more rose gold accessories, you can gift a ring in a shade of gold. 

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Post Author: Mabel Rowland