How to Dress for the Golf Course

Selecting the right golf equipment is really hard. But do you know what’s even harder? It is choosing what to wear on the course – especially today when there are so many good golf brands available on the market.

A very significant part of golf etiquette is the way you dress to play on the course. Truth be told, most private golf courses and country club courses have clothing rules that you need to adhere to on the course for them to let you play.

Short-sleeved polos or shirts with a collar are common on most golf courses. Try not to wear T-shirts, tube tops, or sleeveless shirts since they are not normally permitted. If the weather is kind of gloomy or cold, a turtleneck style collar or long sleeved shirts are also allowed on most courses. It is also emphasized that players need to tuck in their shirts.

Select garments are made of breathable fabric and comfortable enough for you to move. Hitting the fairway can be demanding especially when swinging and you’ll need clothing that  doesn’t hinder your play.

A nice cap is also a must. It will protect you from different elements and help you enjoy the game. You may need one for sun and one for rain so it is always best to bring a cap with you.

Get golf shoes with delicate spikes to further improve how you play. The ones with soft spikes will really assist you with balancing out on the course and could further enhance your play.

Most shoes with hard spikes are prohibited on some courses because they damage the greens. So as a piece of advice, it is important to review the dress code or you can just wear tennis shoes if you’re not sure of the rules.

There are many golf brands out there that offer a variety of choices for a golf enthusiast like you. Always keep in mind that the most important thing to consider is your comfort.

Post Author: Donald Perry