How to plan accommodation for your guests in your weeding day

A significant number of your relatives and close friends may have to fly to attend your big celebration. These friends and family members are very close to your heart. It is up to you to make them feel welcome, assist them in getting around, and keep them entertained. It is only possible if you have take good care of accommodation for your wedding guests. Here are some tips to make them feel at home.

Give them every detail.

A wedding itinerary is one of the most practical and useful things you can do for your guests. Send your guests invitations and include brief, informative details of the day. You can also create a website to make it easy for your guests to find information about everything you have planned. You can give suggestions on how to use the time they have. You may have an event in mind.

Provide suggestions for lodging and travel.

Although you alone are not responsible for paying for overnight accommodation and flights for travelers, your partner and you together should share ideas on how to do it. You must search the internet for finding good deals. The trick is to visit and get affordable deals from the best destination wedding planners. You can include important information about hotels and airlines in your invitation.

Consider transportation.

Out-of-towners may choose to rent cars, while those who do not have a car will need to plan how they will get to the wedding. Make sure you cover all bases. You can arrange carpools with relatives, speak to the hotel manager for a hotel shuttle, rent a car, limo service or hire a van or bus. This is a great opportunity to recruit volunteers – family members, friends and next-of-kin are all likely targets.

Try to keep them entertained.

You may have lots to do leading up to the big event, but your out-of-town friends may not. You do not want to leave them without something to do. You can host a party for your guests prior to the rehearsal dinner. Also, make sure that there are not too many hours between your ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception so that there is not too much lull.

Legal requirements for couples

There are some legal requirements that you need to be aware of now. First, you must have been living in Spain for at least two years and be over 18 to marry in Spain. It may seem daunting to plan a Spanish wedding.

However, it is becoming more common to hire a professional wedding planner to simplify the process. The best thing is to complete the legal formalities in your own country, get the documents, and organize a casual destination wedding ceremony in Marbella, Spain.

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