How To Stop Possible Watch Repairs: Get Your Watches A Watch Service

Many of us do not really see when our watches need servicing. Unlike watch repairs, watch servicing doesn’t really deal with repairs but it is more concerned with your watches’ maintenance. If you don’t really know what watch servicing is and what it is all about, then you are in luck.

In this article, we will talk about what watch servicing is and how to tell if your watch needs one.

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Watch Service: In a Nutshell

Watch service is a kind of service that helps maintain your watches. It doesn’t work like watch repairs, but it helps ensure that your watch doesn’t always go to watch repairs monthly. In watch servicing, they disassemble, polish, and remove some of the debris in your watch. Aside from that, they also do minor watch repairs to ensure that your watch is still in good condition.

Watch service and Watch repairs are not the same.

Most people don’t really understand the difference between the two. However, these two are indeed different. Watch repairs are more into broken parts, while servicing is more on the maintenance side. Although some professional watchmakers do make some minor repairs, these repairs are more on the clock’s aesthetic and winding.

Signs that your watch needs servicing.

  • When the watch is not showing the right time

One of the possible signs that your watch needs to be served is when you don’t see the right time showing in your watch. It must then be a sign that your watch needs to rewind, or it needs to be service. You should send your watch to a professional watchmaker. That way, they can perform watch servicing or a possible watch repair when needed.

  • When there are minor issues

Another sign that your watch needs servicing or a watch repair is the minor issues. For vintage watches, you should get them to watch servicing when you see minor issues. Vintage watches are a lot more fragile compared to other watches. Small problems can cause your watch to malfunction, thus ends up getting broken in the end.

  • When your watch is more than 4 years old

For vintage watches, they tend to be more delicate than other watches. Thus, you need to have them serviced a lot more frequently because of their age. However, if you have luxury watches, you can opt for them to be served within 4-7 years. Most luxury watches aren’t always worn. Aside from that, they need to be serviced to oil the mechanisms again.


Watch service plays an important role in your watches’ health. You should invest in watch servicing, just like how you invest in watch repairs. That way, you can keep your watches in pristine and good condition even as the years passed.

Post Author: Donald Perry