Long Sleeve Nighties – Perfect for Winters

Winter will be coming around pretty soon. Remember last year when you woke up in the middle of the night feeling cold and wretched? You don’t want that happening again now do you? When you are cold under the sheets, there’s two ways to go about warming yourself more. One is to add an extra sheet. But, this gives you problems as an extra sheet can make it a bit too warm. You might feel warm and cosy when you begin to sleep but might get warmer as the night breaks into day, as the temperature slowly rises outside.

The easier way to stay warm through the night is to wear a nightie that is designed for winters. And, long sleeve nighties are just perfect for that. Long sleeve nighties are usually also of long length, falling down up to about your ankles or below your knees. Having your arms draped in full sleeves allows you to trap more heat inside your nightie, keeping you nice and toasty.

These long sleeve nighties come in a variety of fabrics. Cotton is the most popular form of long sleeve nightie. Sometimes, you might get it in brushed cotton fabric material as well. The brushed cotton material is better at retaining heat than a regular cotton nightie. So, if you are looking for some extra warmth from your cotton long sleeve nightie, get yourself a brushed cotton nightie or what is called a thermal cotton nightie.

You can also consider buying long sleeve nighties that have a fleece lining in them. A fleece lining will not make the nightie as heavy as a woolen or flannel nightie but will give you just enough insulation for a warm night under the covers.

If you are someone who feels exceptionally cold at night, you might want to also consider wearing thermal pants or shirts to bed, under your nightie. Many women also wear socks and sometimes even a beanie cap to bed, to trap in as much of their body heat as possible. This might be actually a sensible thing to do as it is estimated that we lose 60% of our body heat through our heads!

Long sleeve nighties are surprisingly useful even in summers. Most women think they will be too stuffy when summers or warmer months come along. But, the fact is that cotton is a very airy and breathable material and you will only feel a marginal difference in how much warmer you feel when April or June comes around. That being said, it is perfectly normal to have both summer nighties as well as winter nighties. Speaking of nighties, Malay Apparel UK is the best place to buy womens nighties in England. Their nighties are incredibly priced, made out of high quality cotton and other premium fabrics and with easy return and fast and free standard shipping policies.

Post Author: Howard Gomez