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Not everyone of us can afford expensive hair treatment like the hair salon West Hollywood, no matter how much hankering is there for us to look cool sporting a movie star haircut. No wonder then that the best hair salon West Hollywood is one of the best in the industry with talented hair designers like John Francis who has huge list of celebrated clients to his credit. But in this article, let us learn about some simple hair care tips which would keep our hair healthy as well as make us look great, framing our face well.

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So what if you cannot go to a salon like the hair salon West Hollywood? Even an expert would advise the following tips.  Of course, there are lots of artificial hair care products in the market but why not start out with the basic hair care which begins at home itself?  Of course, it depends upon the hair texture which you have as well.  Oiling your hair and shampooing it the following day is a must for basic hair care. This goes for everyone, no matter what kind of length of hair you may have. If your locks are oily, shampoo them more often to get the oil out After shampooing, make sure to rinse or blow dry your locks and sit in the sun for a while. This will prove to be extremely healthy for your hair. If excess oil is being produced from your scalp then you need to shampoo or wash your hair more often in the long run. The shampoo should be massaged more on the scalp. It is also important to use conditioner after shampoo.  That is unless you have a dual product which does the work of both the shampoo as well as the conditioner.

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These are some of the basic hair care tips which would be advised even by the celebrated hair experts like the best hair salon West Hollywood. Your diet is also something which affects your hair care. So, the people should eat fresh leafy vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish and meat.  The iron and protein are very important for proper nourishment and growth of the hair cells. So, these are some of the tips which you need in order have healthy and lustrous hair for sporting a great look in the long run.

Post Author: Clare Louise