Wedding Nail Designs for the Modern Bride

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As the big day approaches, brides are busy with details such as dress fittings, caterers and staying calm, so making an appointment with the nail salon may be a last minute thought. However, modern brides will want to choose a nail design that complements their dress and personal style. Here are some top options for wedding nails that won’t go unnoticed.

Acrylic Nails

If long nails don’t grace you naturally, you might consider getting acrylic nails applied at the nail salon for the big day. This will allow you to have extra length to play and experiment with if you want to add fun designs or try out a new nail shape.

French Nails with a Twist

The classic French manicure will always be in style, but today’s brides are taking a new twist on the concept. By swapping out the traditional white tip polish with silver or gold, the undercoat can complement the wedding ring’s materials while providing a classic but unique look.

Get Artsy at the Nail Salon

Gorgeous nails begin with a talented nail technician, and they can create masterpieces on your fingernails. Consider adding a few diamonds, air brush patterns or try out a 3-D pattern on a nail or two. A word of caution to brides doing a lacy dress, 3-D art can cause snags, so be aware of the risks.

Don’t Forget the Toes!

Even if your toes won’t be exposed during the ceremony, you will want to have your feet tended to at the nail salon. Try matching your nail design, and not only will you look great at your wedding, but you’ll be ready to show off your feet on that honeymoon getaway.

If you need advice about what wedding nails will be perfect for you, just ask a nail tech for guidance or check out recent bridal magazines for ideas.


Post Author: Howard Gomez