What Should You Consider While Buying Muay Thai Training Shirt?

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Thailand has hot weather, and due to which most of the Muay Thai trainers and Fighter, Practicing outdoor do not wear a t-shirt while training. You may notice men Muay Thai fighter practicing shirtless. However, modern gyms are air conditioned or have cooler surrounding. Muay Thai Printed Shirt [เสื้อ พิมพ์ ลาย, which are the term in Thai] is one of the popular wear that most of the trainers and fighters like to wear to show their fanatic and inspiration towards the Muay Thai Tradition. If you want to shop for the Muay Thai Training shirt for yourself, then here are the few things that will help you find the best one yourself. 

Below we have mentioned a few things that you need to consider while buying Muay Thai training Shirt

– Dry Fit Material is the Best Material for Training shirt

The best material when choosing the Muay Thai shirt is Dry Fit material for your training, as it is a breathable fabric and allows better mobility during training. Muay Thai Dry Fit shirts are specially made for the gym workouts and sports person. They help the skin to evaporate the sweat quickly.

When training, it is important to wear a shirt that is going to provide you with maximum mobility, and that won’t restrict your arm movements. Also, make sure you are not wearing something that is too big or too small as it can make you uncomfortable. A big t-shirt can start flapping around you when you practice kicking on the bag. 

-Short Sleeves T-shirt or Cut Off

If you have noticed, most of the training girls in Thailand wear cut off Muay Thai Shirts that are loose. The Cut off shirts are looser and made up of the synthetic material like dry fit and microfiber. They allow sweat to dry fast and also the cutoff allow to better airflow exposing the sides of your ribs. Therefore, girls do wear a sports bra under the Cut off t-shirts, which allows better comfort than the full t-shirt. Also, there are comfortable full Muay Thai t-shirts with short sleeves, if you are not comfortable with the cut-offs. 

Post Author: Donald Perry