Classic Wedding Day Jewelry For Any Bride

As a bride-to-be, you have probably been waiting for your wedding day since before you can remember. You have known exactly what your wedding menu would be and now you are now at the home stretch! If you haven’t picked out your wedding dress or suit I would suggest doing so before you pick out the jewelry because we all know that the star of the show is you and your outfit.

So assuming that you have picked out your outfit, it is time to pick and carefully select the jewelry that will add and compliment you and your outfit without subtracting any of the beauty. Everything that you wear, including your makeup, needs to go together so that when you are ready you are as beautiful as you can be.

Each piece needs to compliment each other and that goes from head to toe. So all the jewelry that you decide to pick out needs to compliment your hairstyle, outfit, shoes, and makeup. Having complimentary jewelry will elevate your look and add a personal touch to it. Here are a  few tips to make sure that you are elevating your look instead of subtracting from it.

Match Your Metals

If you have a silver wedding ring with a diamond then match that with silver jewelry. The same goes for gold, pearl, and colored diamonds. You just want to make sure that your jewelry matches the rest of your jewelry. It is not bad to have silver and gold, or a pearl necklace with gold, but it is more visually appealing when your jewelry is cohesive. So if you are wanting pearl and gold, just make sure that the pearls are linked with gold. Or make is obvious that you are going for those colors.

Not Too Much

You and your outfit are the stars in this wedding so if you have too much jewelry than it could take away from your aesthetic. Only add accessories that will help elevate your look and that will add a unique touch. If you have too many accessories then it could become very distracting and could stand out more than you or your outfit. You are already wearing the most amazing outfit so even just a pair of earrings and a small necklace will do. Sometimes having less is more, and in this case, when you are picking out jewelry for your wedding day this is true. Because you are already going to be so elegant a massive gem on your neck will not be flattering. The gem will take away from the amazing outfit that you chose, plus it will take the attention away from you.

At the end of the day anything that you wear down the aisle of your wedding programand you will look beautiful. Make sure you get some help so that you can get some opinions and different perspectives so that you are one hundred percent sure that your outfit is flawless. I am assuming that you are going to be wearing a very elegant outfit, keep your jewelry simple and minimalistic so that you shine and not all your jewelry.

Post Author: Donald Perry