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How to guarantee that you will get a vegan cosmetic and how to make that choice? Next, we will share some tips that can assist in this process.

Read the label and understand the composition of the product

As with any item you need to purchase, reading the label and understanding the composition of a vegan cosmetic is also very relevant. From Zotezo you can have the best solutions now.

It will always appear on the packaging if a product is not tested on animals or if it is free of ingredients of animal origin. However, it is important to pay attention to the following ingredients, which may appear and are of animal origin:

  • lanolin
  • collagen
  • caprylic acid
  • glycerin
  • carmino

The product cannot be considered vegan if any of these components is present on the cosmetic label. Also, check if it has the “certificate”, which attests to the condition of the product and ensures that it has undergone all evaluations and tests proving that there is no animal use or exploitation.

Learn the differences between vegan, organic and natural cosmetics

Another important issue is to understand that there are big differences between vegan, organic and natural cosmetics. The main one is the presence of ingredients of animal origin, which may or may not appear in the formula of those who are not vegan. The Best Sunscreen can also be vegan.

Organic Cosmetics

The main characteristic of organic cosmetics is to prioritize in their components that they are biodegradable and free from pesticides. Usually, the formula has certified natural items.

Natural Cosmetics

The cosmetic considered natural (like Kajal) is one that, among its items, will have nothing derived from oil or fragrance and artificial essence.

Use the product benefits according to your needs

You should always analyze the components and see what the benefits are presented by them when choosing a vegan cosmetic. For those with sensitive or easily irritable skin, aloe vera products are recommended. If the hair is oily, products based on ginger and hibiscus can help reduce greasiness.

The ideal, therefore, is that you know how to recognize the benefits of each component and how they can be used to enhance its natural beauty.

What are the advantages of vegan cosmetics?

In addition to the benefits for animals and a more conscious life, adopting vegan cosmetics in your personal care routine brings many benefits. Below, we list the main ones you need to know.

Suitable for sensitive skin

Because of the natural origin of most ingredients, organic products are less likely to cause allergies. Because of this, they are ideal for those with sensitive and easily irritable skin.

This is due to the fact that they do not contain biomolecules in the formula that are foreign to our organism. In addition, allergies are often derived from ammonia, mercury and oil derivatives, which are not in formulas.


However, it is always necessary to rely on the recommendation of your dermatologist when choosing a product for your skin and hair and take certain precautions when testing them for the first time, observing possible reactions.

Post Author: Clare Louise