Your Choices for the Best SPA Options Now

Now many SPA and conventional beauty salons practice not only separate procedures for the body, hair or face, but offer entire SPA-care programs: “profile” (anti-aging, weight loss, anti-cellulite, cleansing the body) and general: romantic rituals for two, a SPA with massage and rubbing oils, Thai complexes, “SPA days” for a bachelorette party and various other services as far as the imagination and professionalism of the masters are enough. Of course, such programs are more expensive than separate procedures, but the pleasure and benefit of them are worth it, moreover, the complex will cost less than the “set” of events one at a time. Now you can search by spa near me in montreal.

Prices for spa treatments in Montreal

What is the cost of spa treatments in salons? When answering this question, it is difficult to give average figures, since the price always depends, firstly, on the level of a beauty studio, and secondly, on how wide the list of services is within the framework of one ritual and, thirdly, on cosmetics, which use in the cabin. Conventionally, it is possible to divide the classes of beauty salons into three segments: economy, “middle” and premium. Naturally, in the salons of the VIP level and expensive cosmetics brought from medical resorts in Israel, Belgium, Switzerland, France.

Approximate prices in the premium class start at 15,000 dollars for a complex procedure lasting 2.5-3 hours, including a bath, peeling, body wrap, massage. Pleasure “for two” will cost about one and a half times more expensive. In the “middle” segment, the cost of the program is about 8,000-10,000 dollars per one, a spa-hen party will cost about 3,000-5,000 per person, provided that the company has at least 4 girls. Cost-effective options, including, nevertheless, a fairly large list of procedures: SPA, massage, mask or body wrap, manicure will cost from 2,000 dollars for one person for one and a half hours. A two-hour complex for two will cost about 6,000 dollars.

How to choose a spa?

Perhaps every fan of SPA relaxation wants to find “their own” salon, where he will be offered the desired range of spa treatments at an affordable price and with good service. We can give you some tips on choosing a studio.

  • Firstly, pay attention to the conditions in the salon for a comprehensive spa: massage room, pool, steam room, bath
  • Secondly, ask if massage therapists have the appropriate education. There is nothing worse than falling into the hands of a lay person who not only does not solve, but who can exacerbate health problems
  • Thirdly, even before you visit the salon, do not hesitate to ask a question about the sterility of the conditions of the procedures
  • Fourth, evaluate the range of services and their cost is the proposed complex sufficient to meet your needs and will not be excessive
  • Fifth, look for a studio near your home, because after a relaxing ritual it’s hard to plunge into the crazy rhythm of the life of a metropolis again.

In the last paragraph, however, the reservation is valid: some salons, even located on the other side of the city, may offer exclusive services that you like more than those available nearby. Usually in a good studio you can relax, “cool down” after the ritual, and only then go on a journey.

Last Words

So, we tried to figure out what a SPA salon is and what procedures are included in the SPA programs, and also identified several criteria for choosing a suitable studio. In conclusion, it is worth adding that, having once appreciated the benefits and pleasure of the spa, you will surely want to experience these unforgettable feelings once again. We wish you to find a good master, and remember: beauty does not always require sacrifice!

Post Author: Donald Perry