Everything You Need to Know About Luv Sola Wood Flowers

There are three different flower types to pick from, and each one is more beautiful than the one before. We can create a stunning bouquet with fashionable and amazing arrangements for whatever event you attend. Our biodegradable and ecologically friendly flowers are an ideal solution when you need an alternative to floral arrangements that are both gorgeous and long-lasting but do not need cutting fresh flowers from the garden.

Why Are There Ever Flowers Made of Wood?

Sola wood flowers that have not been dyed are charming and resemble ivory. Despite their lack of color, these flowers are an excellent choice for a broad range of occasions. Raw sola wood flowers are a good option to explore if you want a basic yet classy design.

You may use latex or acrylic paint to decorate our uncut flowers. Another option to explore is to color your clothes. If you want to try to die, a video on our website will show you how.

Coverage Options for Wooden Flower Skins

These blossoms differ from the ones we have, which are uncooked flowers. As an alternative to raw and white flowers, accents of flesh tone are used on sola flowers. The patterns engraved into these ornaments ensure that the blossoms draw attention regardless of where they are positioned. Every flower has a distinct highlight color on the surface of its petals that draws attention to it and helps it stand out in any setting.

These flowers, which come in a range of different hues as well, are a terrific choice for any occasion if you want flowers that aren’t simply plain white but are still attractive and intriguing. The skin flowers have a touch more depth to their look than our unique and organic blossoms.

Despite being composed of more woody plant components, sola wood blooms are potent and attractive. We take the time to hand-design each flower and go above and above to ensure that your special day goes off without a hitch.

Some of Our Most Beautiful Sola Flowers

Superior Sola flowers have more intricacy in their petals than their cousins, which are raw and made from the skin. Making a bouquet of lovely designs will undoubtedly increase your chances of finding what you’re looking for. Please spend some time browsing our website. Because we sell a wide range of items, there is a good possibility that we have the floral design you’re looking for.

When premium flowers are added to excellent flower arrangements, they become more modest, elegant, stunning, and unique. They also catch the attention of everyone who walks into the room.

Carving Wooden Flowers for Use in Various Floral Arrangements Tutorial

You may arrange your Luv Sola Wood Flowers in any manner you like, just like you would with real flowers. We have discovered that the stems for these wooden flowers are not included in the packing. There is also the option of buying the stems. Depending on your design, you may not require them at all. If you want to display your wooden flowers in a vase, you can choose stems with a rough surface or in a green hue. Flowers in vases usually require some support to keep upright. Because they are both very bendable, so dealing with them in the craft industry is much easier.

What are your next steps in putting together the wooden flower arrangement you had in mind now that that hurdle has been removed? Do you create a variety of floral arrangements and set them in glass jars or an antique vase that has been passed down through generations? If you are imaginative and can think of ideas that do not immediately occur, you have many alternatives for making your arrangement stand out from the crowd. The following ideas have been prepared in an effort to ignite your creativity and offer some direction:

Remove a square from the center of an old book using an Exacto knife to use as a pattern for constructing wood books and flowers. This will serve as the base for the wooden flower. Remove the pages from the book, leaving a space in the center, and then continue. Place your wooden flowers in the available open areas. This will give the impression that the blooms are sprouting from the book’s pages.

You may construct a purse bouquet by combining some wooden flowers and a handbag with a beautiful strap and a sturdy frame. The major goal is to make it hangable by connecting it to a hook or doorknob. If you arrange your wooden flowers in such a manner that the top of the purse is open, the flowers may appear to be sprouting out of the bag.

Contrary to popular belief, toys and flower arrangements may really complement one other rather well. Using a selection of toys, you can give your wooden floral arrangement a lively appearance. It would be amazing if you could find an old-fashioned toy. A retro pickup truck is one of the most preferred options. Placing wooden flowers on the bed may create the sense that the space is more vintage.

Do you recall the toy with a cube form and a variety of holes in it? By flipping the form over, you may place the wooden flowers and stems on one side of the construction. You may also try looking at things from the opposite side. Use stems of varying heights or add green flowers to the arrangement to get this look. Both of these alternatives will assist in filling any gaps.

Because of the variety of flexible stem alternatives, wooden flower arrangements may also be used to make wreaths and garlands. You can make practically anything you can think of using wooden flowers.

Flowers Provide Numerous Benefits to Your Home

In addition to their aesthetic value, the wooden flower arrangements in your home may provide additional benefits. According to an ancient wives’ tale, flowers are thought to help calm the person who arranges them. Concentrating on the arrangements will enable you to breathe more slowly and be more present when working on your task. Working on the wooden flower arrangement can boost both your state of mind and your capacity to think rationally. This is a significant benefit.


You will be able to find whatever type of flower you are looking for with our assistance. Because we value our customers so much at Luv Sola, we make certain that each bouquet receives the attention and care it deserves. We believe that the fact that we pay attention to details distinguishes us from other individuals.

If you are interested in obtaining beautiful flowers that are cultivated in a way that is safe for the environment and does not result in the generation of hazardous waste, please get in touch with us via our website. In most circumstances, we will provide continuous savings, which means you may study each of our things ahead of time and choose the bundle that best matches your needs. Click here to contact us right now.

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