How to choose the right type of moisturizer for you?

Moisturizing the skin regularly using a good moisturizer has become a necessity than an option. After all, you can only get healthy and glowing skin if it has the right moisture level. From lotions to creams, moisturizers can be found in various forms to suit everyone’s skin type. If you don’t know what type of moisturizer to use, you are not alone; whether a beginner or not, the below points will surely help you pick the right type for your skin.

Oily skin

Just because the skin has a lot of oil doesn’t mean a person can skip it. Dry and harsh environments can affect the skin quite badly, even if they have natural oils. When picking moisturizers, don’t choose oils. Otherwise, you can get a heavy and greasy feeling. So, pick oil-free products with glycerine and hyaluronic acid. They are light on the skin and keeps it moisturized.

Dry skin

Conditions like eczema can cause dryness in the skin. A normal moisturizer is not enough for the job. You can choose products that have coconut oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter to dry skin. If you don’t like them, you can try cream-based products like resveratrol moisturiser, which will not leave you feeling greasy. If you have dehydrated skin, use a moisturizer with components like mineral oil, dimethicone, hyaluronic acid.

Sensitive skin

Those with psoriasis or eczema have a weakened immune system. This is the main cause of sensitive skin, which gets easily irritated by some fragrances and ingredients. So, when searching for a moisturizer, look for hypoallergenic and fragrance-free types. Ingredients like chamomile and aloe are also good for sensitive skin. Also, use caution if are want to use anti-aging ingredients because they can irritate sensitive skin.

Normal skin

If you are a person with a “normal” type of skin, you will not be exempt from moisturization. Make sure that the product you use is non-greasy, light, and neutral. Usually, silicone-based or oils are the ingredients present in normal skin type moisturizers.

Combination skin

The term combination skin means normal skin in cheeks and oily skin in the T-zone. You don’t need to use 2 moisturizers to tackle this problem. Try to use a heavy-duty product that can moisturize the whole face. Also, make sure that the product is light and neutral.

Adapt according to the weather

What works great for one season may not be the same for the other. So, as the climate changes, you also need to change the moisturizer. For summers, a lightweight product like gel moisturizer is good. But for winters, the cream type is the best. If you are freezing, it is advisable to go for ointments to retain the skin’s moisture.

But before you try anything new, try the patch test. This is important, especially for sensitive skin. Please take a little amount and apply it to your neck. If everything seems fine, then you can apply it to your face.

Unlike other products, you can’t go wrong with choosing this one. This is because the right moisturizer depends on your preference for the product’s smell and feel.

Final words

These are just the basics for you to find the right moisturizer for your skin. If you still have no clue where to start your search, don’t worry. Discover the Aspect Dr resveratrol moisturiser at The Skin Care Clinic in Australia.

Post Author: Donald Perry