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Can you imagine a life without laundry? Wouldn’t that be great? What would you do with all the spare time freed up by having your laundry done for you? We at the American Dry Cleaning Company can let you find out with our exclusive wash, dry and fold laundry service.

We understand that a life without fresh, clean clothes, bedding, towel and household linens would be unimaginable! However, we also understand that you don’t need to spend hours of your precious time each week dedicating yourself to your laundry tasks to achieve a life of freshness, tidiness and cleanliness.

Our dedicated teams of professional dry cleaning and laundry care specialists are easy to reach in each of our local American Dry Cleaning Company branches. You can arrange a weekly wash, dry and fold laundry service to take care of your weekly wash so you don’t have to!

Or if you would like to book a two-weekly or monthly service to take care of your household bedding and linens, then you can easily arrange this online and even take advantage of our free collection and delivery service to save you even more time.

Why choose American Dry Cleaning Company?

We are proud to be pioneers in the dry cleaning and laundry world and only use up-to-date technology when it comes to using energy-saving washing machines and eco-friendly laundry cleaning products.

Our wash, dry and fold service not only saves you a lot of precious time that you can better spend with your family or friends but our convenient collection and delivery service mean you don’t need to pick up your laundry in person.

You can take advantage of our years of knowledge and specialist training in dry cleaning, laundry and clothing care to give you a service that is convenient, fast and delivers you the best results.

Give your clothes the care they deserve

These days there is a lot more emphasis being placed on making your clothes last longer. Your clothes and household textiles are now becoming an investment to look after and be given the proper care they deserve.

The days of fast fashion where you throw away a garment after it has been worn two or three times have now long passed. However, with clothing and household fabrics such as bedding and towels now becoming more expensive to buy, it is worth making sure these items look good for longer by washing them correctly using the right cleaning solutions and laundry cycles.

Book your wash, dry and fold service today

Laundering your household linens, bedding, towels and clothes at home can be a very time-consuming task that is not exactly the most enjoyable way to spend your time.

Why not save yourself a lot of time as well as treat your fabrics to the proper care and attention that only a professional company such as us can give them. You can book our wash, dry and fold service online for a time that is convenient for you and use our free collection and delivery service to make it even easier to get your laundry done.

Post Author: Howard Gomez