Types of Top You Can Wear with Jeans

The clothes are of various types and many clothes are available in the market and are in trend. We get inspired by the models and actors, their dressing sense matters a lot in one life. Your dressing style is all that people notice first. And how you do dress says a lot about your personality. Whenever we go anywhere, people judge us by how and what you are wearing. You create your first and foremost impression on anyone by your looks.

Both men and women always keep a pair of jeans and a nice top in their wardrobe, because you can wear many tops with one pair of jeans. Usually, we keep blue and black jeans and wear different tops. Choosing a top that suits you and your personality needs time, you should spend time choosing a proper outfit for yourself.

Choosing a top that goes with your jeans, is not an easy task. There are several types of tops, some of them are:

  • Crop tops – Crop tops are short from the bottom and usually worn with high rise jeans. These types of tops are more common these days and the young women are wearing these types of tops which gives them a cool and simple look.
  • Plain white shirt – A plain white shirt can be worn with black or blue jeans, you can also wear it with distressed Wearing a plain white shirt and jeans with boots and a high ponytail will give a bold and confident look to women of every age.
  • Off-shoulder top – A maroon off-shoulder top with black jeans will give a pretty and neat look for any woman. You can wear it for a casual friend’s party or a dinner. The off-shoulder tops are sleeveless and the sleeves are drooping towards the forearms.
  • Bralette top – The bralette top has a tight and cropped fitting like a bra. It consists of a thin strap and bust cups. It does not have a hook or an eye closure.
  • Boxy top – The Boxy top is the loose and baggy type of top that does not have a fitting. It can be worn by women of any shape and size. It looks good on every woman of any size and can be worn either with tight or loose jeans.
  • Cape top – The cape tops consist of a cape on the neckline. It either has a transparent or any light clothed cape on the neckline. It can be worn on straight or ankle-length jeans.


In this article, you will find out the types of tops that can be worn with jeans. Choosing jeans might be easy but choosing a top that looks good with your jeans is a difficult thing. This article will help you to know about various types of tops. There are several types of tops and some of them have been mentioned here.

Post Author: Howard Gomez