Stunning And Simple Gold Earrings For Every Occasion!

Earrings serve as a crucial piece of jewellery that can make or break any look. While more extravagant earrings are more suited for grand affairs and events, simple gold earrings are more suitable for simple events and as everyday wear. However, do not let its simplicity fool you! A pair of simple gold earrings will make you look like a million dollars, especially if you want to go for a classy and chic look!

While it may be small, it need not be subtle! Depending on your style, outfit, and occasion, the right pair of earrings can make you shine as bright as gold itself! A style tip from our side: pick a pair of simple gold earrings designs with price ranges within your budget for an understated but chic look that will take your appearance to the next level! If you’re undecided on the design, pick up one from any of the following styles:

  1. Studs

Let’s start simple and basic with a pair of studs. Studs are simple gold earrings designs with price options that suit everyone. Studs are heavily underrated as being the simplest earring design. While they are incredibly simple in their design, they can easily lend an air of simplistic sophistication when paired with the right outfit! You can buy multiple and create a set of your own. Pairing studs is a no-brainer since it goes with every outfit you pick. Contemporary stud designs combine different metals like yellow, white or rose gold to give you multiple options. You can also add danglers to your studs to transform them into stunning drop or chandelier earrings!


Jhumkas have persisted through the test of time. Jhumkas combine a stud design along with a hollow hemisphere that dangles at the bottom. However, apart from this, there are many simple gold earrings designs with price and weight options that everyone will love. Jhumkas are traditionally worn with ethnic ensembles. However, contemporary white or rose gold jhumkas can be paired with western outfits to give your boho princess look the perfect touch of Indian culture.


Dangles can easily elevate your mundane day look for an extravagant night out. With options in modern and traditional pieces, you can easily opt for a simplistic look with just the right amount of elegance with these dangler earrings. Suitable for the modern woman, these dangles are dynamic, versatile and the perfect addition to your jewellery collection! It makes for an elegant and lively look, regardless of pairing it with a casual outfit or your workwear. Make sure to put your hair in a bun and away from your face to let them do all the talking.

Sui Dhaga

The decade-old Sui Dhaga design makes for a subtle contemporary look that you can easily pair with formals, dresses or even a pair of jeans. These simple gold earrings designs with price options suited to your needs are truly versatile and can go with anything and everything. The charm of this design lies in that the stud sits on the front while the chain dangles from behind the lobe. With new designs in minimalistic modern styles, simply pair your Sui Dhaaga earrings with the right accessories and outfit for the desired look.


Hoops come in a variety of designs, like thick hopes, J hoops and huggies. Each serves a different purpose and are meant for different styles. If you have multiple piercings in your ear, you can style small hoops with studs to make an interesting style statement. You can even combine hoops with jhumkas. In this design, a jhumka is attached to the hoop so that their combination looks like a dangler earring.

Diamond drops

Diamond drops are a pair of earrings that look sweet and luxuriously delicate. It brings out your feminine side, especially ones with floral motifs and when paired with warm colours. You can pick a set with plain white diamonds or another paired with coloured precious stones. While diamonds may be pricey, if you desperately want diamond-studded simple gold earrings designs with price and payment options way beyond your budget, you can resort to sellers who provide them on EMI. We suggest pairing this piece with a dress, a saree or an outfit fancier than your daily wear. It is also just the perfect gift for your loved one that they would cherish forever.


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