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As soon as we see someone carrying or wearing a steampunk wristwatch; we perceive them as a person who loves antique things and is definitely a keeper of these beautiful things. A wristwatch tells us a lot about a man; his position in society, his manners, his ability to value time and also the fact that he is a gentleman. 

Sometimes a wristwatch, if it is an antique and old one, is passed down as a family’s heirloom to generation after generation. In earlier times; we saw rich people possessing this artifact, they had wristwatches made of platinum, brass or gold but that doesn’t mean a poor could not possess it; the watches that the poor used to have were generally made of simple metal or if the family initially was wealthy in the past or in older times then the wristwatch they have can also be of a valuable metal like gold or platinum. 

Today, almost every man, woman or child is seen as wearing a wristwatch. We don’t really find antique, and vintage wristwatches anymore on someone’s wrist because maybe as the world is advancing people don’t like to wear such old fashion accessory or perhaps the people who own these steampunk wristwatch are keeping it safe and think it too valuable to wear in their day to day life. They only wear these watches on special occasions.

Nowadays; vintage wristwatches are hard to find in shops and even when you manage to find one; it is extremely expensive because of its uniqueness and its age, almost a luxurious item to buy. Wristwatches have been around for so long, since almost the 16th century when it was a mark of statement to keep and wear a wristwatch. It used to show your class in events and high-class gatherings. 

However, if you plan on looking super classy with this steampunk wristwatch, we suggest that you do it with a proper steampunk costume along with proper accessories. If you create the whole Victorian era look, you will be more appraised for your look instead of just wearing the watch (your steampunk costume will especially look chic if it’s Halloween), but rest assured; the watches themselves are enough to make you look different in the crowd. Below is a list of 20 famous steampunk wrist watches which are readily available in shops and on the internet and are super dope at the same time for the ultimate steampunk wristwatch lover: 

20 amazing Steampunk wristwatches:

  1. Steampunk Dragon Wrist Watch.
  2. Women’s Black Leather Steampunk Watch.
  3. Pathfinder-2 Steampunk Leather Cuff Wrist Watch.
  4. Personalized Engraved Men’s Steampunk Watch.
  5. Leather Cuff Skeleton Steampunk Wrist Watch.
  6. Italian Blue Leather Steampunk Watch Bracelet.
  7. Tesla Steampunk Watch.
  8. Brown Leather Steampunk Watch Cuff.
  9. Rose Gold Mechanical Wrist Watch
  10. Ground Effect Steampunk Watch
  11. Skeleton Automatic Mechanical Steampunk Watch.
  12. Black Leather Adjustable Cuff Custom Quartz Watch.
  13. Orange Leather Band Mechanical Wrist Watch.
  14. Women’s Mechanical Automatic Skeleton Steampunk Watch.
  15. Machina’ Steampunk Skeleton Watch.
  16. The Aviator Men’s Steampunk Watch.
  17. Men’s Steampunk Watch with Riveted Aged Brown Leather.
  18. Women’s Model Glory Mechanical Steampunk Fashion Watch.
  19. Woman’s Leather Cuff Steampunk Watch Bracelet.
  20. The Cyberpunk Watch.

In the 16th century; the wristwatches were made with springs rather than with weights and the so-called portable watches were not really portable, instead they were huge, as vast as the size of a wall clocks and only the aristocrats were looked upon and known to own or buy such watches as they were considered a luxury item and something that only an aristocratic gentlemen could hold. 

But slowly and gradually, the watches evolved, and the spring was introduced, and they took the place of weights; only then in the later 16th-century portable and lightweight wrist watches really came into being. Visit here for more 

A steampunk wristwatch is in no way small and light-weighted as the watches we wear today; instead, they are massive and cover almost the whole arm of the person wearing them. You can see all the gears, needles, and buttons working together in harmony in the vast wristwatch and we think that this unique style of the steampunk wristwatch is what makes these watches so valuable and classy at the same time.

There are still some people in the society that still likes vintage stuff but are unable to find them; if you really love the vintage wristwatches that much you should be ready to spend some money and should use the internet to search for the steampunk wrist watches.


Post Author: Howard Gomez