6 Wedding Day Checks You Need to Remember

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Is your big day coming up? 

Planning a wedding is so much more than trying on a pretty white gown and drinking champagne with your best friends while you do it. It includes taking care of the catering, decorations, seating arrangements, the band or DJ, and all that while trying to juggle your budget. 

Where do you even start?

It can be quite overwhelming for a busy couple with a job. In all that chaos, it’s completely understandable to forget a few things here and there.

That is why we have the ultimate wedding day checklist for you. Think of us as a reminder that will help you keep things in order and ensure everything’s perfect for the most special day of your life.

Pay Everyone In Advance

You probably don’t want to be thinking about payments on your wedding day. That is why it is best if you pay everyone in advance including vendors and other professionals you have hired to make your big day special. 

Prepare a Carry-on Bag For the Wedding

Don’t let small things ruin your day. If you have planned a destination wedding, it is essential that you pack all the little things you might need on your big day. 

Create a list of things you would potentially need and make sure that you pack them ahead of time so that you don’t forget any items. When you pack in a hurry, you are likely to leave something out. This is especially important if there are no drugstores at the location of your wedding. 

Make a List of Songs

With all the little things you need to take care of before and on the day of your wedding, this can easily slip your mind. However, we know that you have probably have a list of songs you’d like to hear and dance to on your big day. 

Talk to the DJ or the band on time and give them your list of songs. Remind them of it if necessary.

Start Packing for Your Honeymoon on Time

All the worries, the planning, and the stress will soon be behind you and you’ll have your honeymoon to look forward to. But in order to be able to properly enjoy your honeymoon and avoid any problems, pack your travel documents and your essentials in advance. 

It’s never too soon to start packing for the honeymoon because you’ll save yourself a lot of time later. And you won’t have to pack in a hurry and risk forgetting something crucial such as your passport. 

Organize Transportation for the Guests

Have you thought about how your guests are going to make the journey to and from your wedding location? You can’t leave them stranded if the wedding location is outside of the city. This means you need to add transportation to your to-do list. What about hiring a bus? 

Forget about the old, barely functional buses of your childhood. We’re talking about the modern, well-equipped coaches and minibusses that you can rent at affordable prices. Hiring a minibus for a smaller party is perfect because your guests will all arrive at the same time and no one will get lost and be late for your big day. If you’re expecting a large number of guests, an old-fashioned coach might just do the trick. 

Ask Someone to Supervise

You simply can’t do it all by yourself. On your wedding day, you’ll be busy getting ready so you can’t be bothered with the little things. You’ll need someone to arrive early and supervise everything. It can be a close friend or a relative, someone you trust to monitor everything to make sure things are in order. 

Or Hire an Event Planner

Planning a wedding can take up a huge portion of your time which can be a struggle if you already have a full-time job. If you’re worried that you’ll end up forgetting something important or you’d simply rather let someone else take care of all the drama, hire an event planner. 

Event planners are experts after all and planning perfect wedding days is their specialty. If you set aside a small portion of your budget to hire a professional, it will be their job to think of the checklist and to supervise your wedding day!

 You can hire a part-time or full-time event planner (depending on your budget as well as your needs) to take care of every single detail from start to finish. 

It is important to remember that some minor, last-minute issues might occur on your wedding day. But do not let this ruin the day you’ve been waiting for your entire life. However, if you have prepared for most possible outcomes, then you will have no trouble staying on top of things. 

Post Author: Donald Perry