When should you schedule your wedding photo booth sessions?

You’ve booked the DJ, tasted cakes, and selected centerpieces for the big day. But organizing timing for your awesome photo booth entertainment requires extra strategic planning. Should you offer nonstop access? Or schedule specific blocks? Figuring optimal timing ensures your photo fun constantly delights guests for maximum memories. 

Few things annoy wedding guests more than the lag time between major reception moments. Avoid cranky, bored crowds by offering your photo booth between big agenda items to keep the party firing. Open the photo zone while staff flip rooms from ceremony seating to reception layouts. Launch another session while servers refresh drinks and clear salad plates before the main course. Slot in photo fun while crews cut and plate the cake before dessert is served. Plugging 10-30 minute photo sessions in during major transition downtimes keeps visitors happily occupied.

During open dancing

You might think photo booth entertainment pales when the dance tunes start pumping. But even dance lovers need occasional breaks from burning up the dance floor to rest and refuel. Open access to wacky photos mid-reception catches guests on profitable photo booth pull-asides. Schedule your booth attendant to announce or project select digital pics on big screens. The buzz of seeing their campy shots in lights makes guests flock to the photo zone for ridiculous mugging glory between fist-pumping sets.

Late night photos

Don’t shut down the photo op once formal events conclude. Having it rock till the final song plays ensures late-to-leave guests get lasting photo memories. Plus in those final wild and crazy party hours when drinks flow freely, you’ll bank hilarious shots for the memory books. Schedule nonstop photog fun at least 1-2 hours past planned reception end times. Send guests home with a final fun photo favor to remember epic times as your bash concludes.

All night long access

Still stumped on ideal timing? You can’t go wrong letting the photo laughs roll all night by just keeping your photo booth open every minute of the reception. From start to finish, friends pop in to pose whenever the mood strikes. All Night Access ensures that not a single reception moment escapes candid photo documentation. Maximize guest memories from cocktail mingling through the final farewell dance with unlimited 24/7 photo access.

Tips for guest traffic flow

  • Near the bar – Nothing prompts great photos like drinks in hand!
  • On the dance floor perimeters – Easy access for flashing pics between shakin’ it.
  • By food stations – Guests flock there while noshing on apps and desserts.  
  • Near seating areas – Captures candid moments during reception remarks and meals.
  • Foyer/lobby areas – Grabs visitors traveling between indoor/outdoor event spaces 

Map out your reception layout and foot routes between key areas. Spotlight your premium photo booths uk access point prominently along paths of guest flow for spontaneous captures all night long. Any blocks of open access, whether for a few hours or the entire celebration let your guests get the camera happy. Just ensure your photo booth stays actively engaged wherever reception action goes down. With open access times strategically built around major events, plus alerts for special dance breaks and photo ops, you’ll keep visitors pumped for playful picture-taking all night long. 


Post Author: Francisco Cooper