Fascinating facts for the engagement rings

Virtually all jewelry in the past was associated with certain legends, whether it was their manufacture or significance. What is the significance of jewelry for us to this day, such as engagement and wedding rings? And are there any interesting facts connected with them?

Diamonds are often part of engagement rings

Although they were discovered before our era, they became an element of engagement rings only during the 15th century. Diamonds have been formed in nature for millions of years, the youngest of which is “900 million years old”. Diamonds on rings and other jewelry thus symbolize lifelong fidelity and love, and for this reason they are set in engagement rings. Modified rough diamonds diamonds, are most often cut into round shapes, where their specific glitter stands out best.

Along with the use of the first diamond in the engagement ring, there is also the first recording of the engagement ring at all. The first engagement ring was handed over by Maximilian’s Austrian fiancé Maria to Burgundy. In this case, it was a gold engagement ring decorated with a diamond.

The most famous day when jewelry is handed over may seem to be Valentine’s Day. However, the most popular period for buying jewelry and especially engagement rings is December.

Gold, both white and yellow, has been the most popular metal for jewelry for many years. However, the trends are moving towards shades of white, which is why platinum is becoming more and more interesting for the couple. It is also characterized by durability, which is a very important factor in jewelry and metals designed for them. Now that the Moissanite Rings NYC has come up, you can find the perfect choices now.

10 Fascinating Facts About Diamonds | Angelic Diamonds Blog

The wedding season is here! Here are some fun facts about engagement rings that you may not have been aware of. For many people, they represent the consecration of a romantic relationship. But in the end what do we know about the traditions surrounding the engagement ring?

  1. We wear the engagement ring and the wedding ring) on ​​the ring finger, because according to certain beliefs dating from Ancient Greece, this finger has a vein which connects it directly to the heart. Doctors at the time called it the veina amoris, the vein of love. In Belgium, we wear this jewel in the left hand, but in many other countries the bride and groom wear their ring in the right hand.
  2. Before buying an engagement ring, it is necessary to look at the 4C rule of the diamond: cut carat color clarity. In other words, you must first pay attention to the cutting of the stone. If the diamond is not cut correctly, it will not be very shiny (and there is nothing worse than a dull ring). Then, we pay attention to the number of carats, the color and the purity of the stone. Together, these four criteria define the quality and value of a diamond.
  3. In the United States the adage says that an engagement ring must represent 3 months of salary.
  4. The most expensive and largest engagement ring in the world is called The Pink Star. It consists of a pink diamond of 59.90 carats and was sold for the modest sum of 71.2 million euros at auction in 2017.
  5. In 2018, you can also have a solitary diamond placed directly on the skin. This new piercing / engagement ring comes from across the Atlantic and its popularity is gaining momentum on social networks. Watch out for infections though.
  6. Prince Harry himself designed the engagement ring he gave to his sweetheart, Meghan Markle
  7. On average, lovers wait almost two years of relationship (22 months to be exact) before getting engaged, and almost 5 years before saying yes!
  8. The largest cut diamond in the world is called the Golden Jubilee and initially weighed 755 carats (545.67 when cut). It was discovered in a mine near Pretoria in South Africa. Its color is a soft mixture between yellow and brown fancy yellow brown to be exact. It was offered ten years after its discovery to the King of Thailand in 1995.
  9. According to a study by the wedding planning site, Bridebood, December 23 is the most popular day to apply. A peak in demand would already start to be felt on December 19. It would seem that the magic of the end of year celebrations and their lot of conviviality encourage gentlemen to declare themselves.
  10. In the tradition, the groom puts a ring on the second toe of his fiancée’s foot during the wedding ceremony.

Diamonds vs. zircons: Is a diamond engagement ring a necessity?

Does he also paint in his head the day when the man finally kneels before you, opens a small box with a shiny gem? While you hope that you have just been dazzled by a glittering diamond, it is often just zircon that you can hardly tell from a diamond. How are diamonds and zircons different? And is an engagement ring with a diamond really a necessity? Take a look at the world of gems with us and become an expert in revealing them. For the Moissanite Rings also you can find the best deal now.

You won’t know the difference at first glance

As soon as you put zircon and a diamond next to each other, you will realize that they are two identical gems. Both glitter so that your eyes cross and you do not find the right words for their beauty. However, if you look at them again, perhaps after a year, you will notice that one of them has lost its dazzling luster. Yes, it was zircon. The loss of spark is irreversible in this case, while in the case of a diamond, in the cut form of a brilliant, it can be easily restored.

Diamond is natural, synthetic zircon

The main difference between zircon and diamond lies in their origin. Diamond is of pure natural origin, while zircon is formed in the laboratory by chemical fusion. The diamond also boasts a higher refractive index of light, which is why it shines so beautifully even after several years. The reason why some men still prefer zircons to diamonds is their significantly lower price.

Basic facts you should know about engagement rings with zircon:

  • Engagement rings with zircon are usually cheaper,
  • This is a more affordable alternative to diamond rings,
  • The zircon ring initially glitters just like a diamond,
  • Zircons lose their luster irreversibly over time,
  • Zircons are less durable than diamonds,
  • Diamonds are eternal, zircons are not.

How do you recognize a real diamond?

Look at the diamond from above if you see rainbow reflections, then it’s probably not a diamond. Or look at a diamond under a jewelry magnifying glass, if you see minor imperfections and stains, it will be a diamond. Zircon is completely flawless under a magnifying glass.

Is a diamond engagement ring really a necessity?

Under normal circumstances, the answer to the question of whether you really need an engagement ring with a diamond would be clearly no. But since these are engagements an exceptional moment in life that only happens once in a lifetime with a little luck, we dare say that you definitely deserve an eternal diamond.

Post Author: Clare Louise