The 7 Things You Need to Know About Graduation Party Invitations

When you put on your cap and gown and receive your diploma, you will finally see the benefits of your hard work. Having a celebration to celebrate your graduation will be rewarding. Graduation invitations will be a key aspect of your celebration. But, before you make any further decisions, here are seven things you should know about graduation invitations.

  1. Your classmates aren’t the only ones planning graduation parties. How important is this? You’ll want to choose a date that isn’t overrun with other parties if you want your friends to show up to your party. Consider holding your graduation announcement party a few weeks before or after graduation. Alternatively, if everyone seems to have plans on Friday or Saturday night, opt for Sunday. Make sure you announce the right party date on your invitations, and you’ll have a good turn out for your celebration.
  2. It’s easy to notice a graduation invitation that comes by snail mail. After a few days, people might forget about the party if you only contact or email them. They will be more likely to pay attention to an invitation they can hold in their hands. They will be reminded to save the date for your party.
  3. There are many options available for graduation invitations. You’re not limited to old-fashioned engraved invitations. First of all, it’s perfectly fine to make your own invitations. To create a greeting card, you could also download a template from the internet or use greeting card software.

If you decide to order invitations, you can choose one that suits your personality, highlights your interests or has a theme. Choosing photo graduation invitations is a popular choice. Online companies can combine multiple photos to create invitations that are truly unique and personal. You can even customise magnets with the party information. The magnets will be stuck on guests’ fridges for a constant reminder of the upcoming event.

  1. Some people may not be able to attend graduation invitation card ceremonies. It is important to clearly indicate on the invitation that it is only for the party. Students will usually be able to invite a limited number of people to commencements because of the limited amount of space. It should begin with your school’s name and graduation date, followed by “You are invited to a party to celebrate. Please include the time and place.”.
  2. It is possible that your guests will not know what to wear to your party. Provide them with some guidance. There are a variety of graduation parties ranging from catered formal sitdown dinners to very casual open houses. Your invitations should always indicate the dress code. So they know what to expect, let them know whether it’s formal or informal.

If you send homemade graduation invitations or photo graduation invitations you ordered online, it will set the tone for the party. Be sure to send out your invitations in plenty of time and grab your guests’ attention. Ask them to let you know if they will be able to make it after you provide them with the information they need. Plan a memorable graduation party then. It’s your turn!

Post Author: Walton Thomas