5 Beautiful Raw Diamond Rings For Your Wedding Day

Women have loved diamonds for ages. And the reasons for this continued love are obvious – diamonds look classy, they never go out of fashion, they can be elegantly cut into shapes and sizes of your choice, and last but not the least, they symbolize a lifelong commitment. Which is why there’s nothing better than a diamond ring for engagement and wedding. 

So, our guide today is all about the 5 most beautiful raw diamond wedding and engagement rings that you can buy at the Anouk Jewelry store. Here we go! 

    1. Free-form Rough Diamond Halo Ring

This stunning piece of diamond ring in 14 karat yellow gold is an absolute charmer. It features a big diamond in the center, surrounded by 14 small diamonds. 

Priced at 5000$, you can have a look at this ring here, https://anoukjewelry.com/product/free-form-rough-diamond-halo-ring/

  1. Organic Rough Diamond Solitaire Ring

This bewitching piece of fine jewelry is made in 14 karat gold and has an octahedron top. Beginning at 4500$, you can also get this one customized at Anouk according to your taste and choice. 

Have a look at this wedding band here, https://anoukjewelry.com/product/organic-rough-diamond-solitaire/

  1. Ornate Raw Diamond Halo Ring

This gorgeous diamond wedding band is one of the most exquisite collections at Anouk

Made in 14 karat yellow gold with 1 raw diamond in the center, surrounded by 12 beautiful F/G VS-SI diamonds, this ring is available at 4800$. 

You also have the option to replace yellow gold with white gold or rose gold. In fact, you can get this one customized with different gemstones in the place of 12 small diamonds. 

Have a look at this gorgeous ring here, https://anoukjewelry.com/product/ornate-raw-diamond-halo-ring/

The above listed 3 raw diamond rings are in the heavy range. So, we have also included 2 raw diamond wedding rings under 2800 $ for people with a limited budget. Have a look! 

  1. Salt and Pepper Diamond Solitaire

This gorgeous raw diamond wedding ring is a stunner in 14 karat yellow gold with a ½ karat raw diamond in the center. It starts at the rate of just 2500$. 

  1. Earth and Sky Solitaire

This beautiful engagement ring in 14 karat Yellow gold features a rough diamond in the center. It’s an amazing ring that can be purchased with a budget of 2000$. 

All in all, whatever ring you choose, raw diamonds are one of the classics. You can also have a look at some other varieties of raw diamond rings at Anouk here, https://anoukjewelry.com/product-category/raw-diamonds/

Post Author: Francisco Cooper