Engagement ring shopping tips you should know 

Purchasing an engagement ring can be ultimate romantic act, but can be a stressful experience as well. There are many practical considerations to keep in mind, to say the least. There is clarity of diamond, weight of diamond, carat of gold, cut quality, color and shape to consider. Moreover, few factors such as diamond shape, […]

What Will Be The 40th Birthday Jewelry Ideas For Wife?

It is said that a bond between a husband and wife is as pure as a bond between a mother and child. It is and has been throughout the ages a customary trading for husband to arrange a present whatever it is for his beloved wife. A gift is always a gift irrespective of its […]

Healing Powers of Gemstones | by Club Equilibrium

People have been using gemstones in jewelry making for ages. Despite the similar look, the gemstones or natural stones are very much different than imitation stones. The natural stones possess mystical and healing powers that make them special. There are several types of gemstones known to us and each of them has some special power. […]

5 Types of Earrings Designs that Every Women Love

Fashion earrings have taken the world by a storm with more and more women opting for these beauties that give them a new look every day and are easy on the pocket too. You can pick a different pair of earrings every time you change your dress and raise the style quotient of your ensemble. […]

Celebrate the most romantic Valentine’s Day in 2020 with your Wife

Tired of romantic gifts that stay in the storage room? It is difficult to find the balance between romanticism and utility. In addition, choosing an original gift that embodies love for your partner becomes increasingly difficult. This is why if you want to buy the best gift for wife on this Valentine’s Day, keep reading […]

Find the Best Romantic Gift for Her at Nano Jewelry

It can be very difficult to please any women! There are very few things that would make them smile ear to ear! Especially when it comes to a romantic relationship; where the expectations are too high and they are endless! Are you looking romantic gifts like Nano Jewelry Pendants for your soul mate? In that […]

What to Know When Buying an Engagement Ring

When it comes to buying an engagement ring, you want to make sure you do your research so you get the best ring that you can. This article gives you the answers to some of the most-asked questions that people ask when buying engagement rings to help you along the journey. So how much should […]

What You Should Really Know Before Connecting Paparazzi Jewelry!

Joining Paparazzi Jewelry means that you are a member of an exciting and developing business. Besides setting your own hours and having the capability of earning unlimited income, there are many other real reasons for joining us. Please continue reading to see just a few of the wonderful reasons why I am a consultant with […]